How to Fix MS Excel Run time File Error 13?

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To fix MS Excel run time file error 13, let us first dive into its root cause. This is a kind of mismatch error which arises in Excel section of MS Office. The error will appear when there are one or more files or even when processes are needed to launch a program is found to be defective. It further comes up with a default Visual Basic (VB) environment. It clearly quotes that this problem will come up when Excel users are trying to execute the VBA code that comprises of data types. These are the data types not matched in a correct manner. A message will be displayed as a ‘run time error 13: type mismatch Excel’ appears in Excel.

Methods to fix MS Excel run time file error 13 are

Fix MS Excel Run time File Error 13
Method 1: Work with the ‘Open and Repair’ mode
  • MS Excel here will provide a ‘File Recovery’ option when it discovers a damaged workbook. This takes place when to repair all damaged Excel files. But sometimes, Excel may not provide the ‘File Recovery’ mode on its own. This is when users can apply to work with ‘Open and Repair’ method, an inbuilt utility in Excel which repairs damaged Excel files. To move ahead with this, MS Excel Support technicians have below guidelines:
  1. Open the “Excel application” and go to the “File->Open” icon
  2. Select the “Excel” file and tap ‘Open’ drop down list
  3. ­Tap ‘Open and Repair’ icon and choose “Repair” button to recover files. As an alternate option, click ‘Extract Data’ option to extract values and formulae
Method 2: Uninstall the ‘error causing program’ message
  • It is found that some application and software cause the run time error. Uninstall those application or software to fix the Excel file run time error. To do so, the steps are:
  • Go to ‘Task Manager’ section and try to work out with this error step by step
  • Click ‘Start’ icon and tap ‘Control Panel’ option
  • Choose to select ‘Add or Remove Program’ icon which is there in the Control Panel
  • All of the installed programs will appear in the PC
  • Select ‘MS Excel’ and choose the ‘Uninstall’ button to remove it from the PC

So, this was another way to fix MS Excel run time file error 13 in efficient manner.

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