How to Fix Windows 7 Error 8007000e?

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Have you received windows 7 update error 8007000e while updating your OS? If it is so, then you don’t need to ponder a lot. Why I am saying because you can Fix Windows 7 Error 8007000e in the well-organized manner.

Do you know there is another smart way to fix such error? Yes, you can fix such kinds of errors via Windows 7 Support. To do so, you need to choose modes—distant, online, or telephone. You can use devices—phone, remote software, or well-configured PC for connection. At the last, use your device to make a connection with experts. Finally, experts will try to welcome your queries on the spot. If you want to fix the same error then follow the steps as given below.

windows 7 error code 8007000e

Steps to Resolve Windows 7 Error 8007000e:

Step 1: Use “Internet Explorer”

You need to open your “Internet Explorer” on your system. If it is not present on your system then you need to download & then install the new version of IE.

Step 2: Restart your PC

You need to restart your computer system.

Step 3: Download KB3102810 updates from Microsoft’s official website

You need to download KB3102810 updates from Microsoft’s official website. You need to restart your computer system. Once you have restarted your PC, and then install the new downloaded updates.

Step 4: Rebuild the SoftwareDistribution folder

You need to rebuild the SoftwareDistribution folder over your system. By which windows updates can install.

Step 5: Localize your folder

You need to create a folder through path C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

Step 6: Go to the “Run” dialogue box

You need to go to the “Run” dialogue box by pressing “Windows logo+R” key.

Step 7: Enter “services.msc”

You need to type “services.msc” command in the open box. Finally, press “OK” button.

Step 8: Choose Windows Updates

You need to choose “Windows updates” option on your system. Right-click the option & then choose “stop” option of the menu.

Step 9: Rename SoftwareDistribution folder

You need to rename SoftwareDistribution folder on your operating machine.

Step 10: Restart “Windows Update” service

You need to restart Windows update service on your system.

Yet, getting error 8007000e?

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