How To Fix Office XP Service Pack 3 – Error 0x80096004?

The Office XP Service Pack 3 error 0x80096004 is an office suite designed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. It has the features and latest security updates that make it easy to update the XP device. Additionally, it provides you with a faster performance compared to XP SP1 as well as XP SP2. Nonetheless, it can be prone to error messages from time to time. Users often complain about the Office XP Service Pack 3 – Error 0x80096004 after upgrading from other Windows versions to Windows 10 and installing Office 365. After Windows updating itself, the XP SP3 can fail to install. You can then see the error message surface on your system.

Probable Causes Of Office XP Service Pack 3 – Error 0x80096004

The error code pops up because of issues in the automatic updates of Windows 10. Below are some of the possible causes of this error code. Damage in the Windows system files can lead to this error code. If the installation or uninstallation processes have been incomplete or applications were not deleted properly, you might face this issue. Also, if there is virus malware on your system, the system files might get corrupt.

Effective Solutions For Office XP Service Pack 3 – Error 0x80096004


You can implement some expert-approved techniques to be able to get rid of this issue of Office XP Service Pack 3 – Error 0x80096004.

Solution 1: As the first solution, you can first download the ‘show or hide updates’ on your desktop from the Microsoft site. After that, you will have to click on the ‘wushowhide.diagcab’ file in order to run it. In the ‘Advanced’ tab, you are supposed to check the box for applying repairs automatically. Then, you should click on the ‘next’ button in order to detect issues. You are next going to see the ‘hide updates’ option. Then, you are meant to choose the option of XP service pack 3 and click on ‘close’. Lastly, you will have to reboot the system in order to save the changes you have made.

Solution 2: You can also try to fix the issue by running the Windows Update troubleshooter. For doing that, you need to navigate to the control panel and type ‘Troubleshooter’. Then, you will need to select ‘Windows Update’ and go to the ‘Advanced’ tab. After that, you should select the ‘Run as an administrator’ to complete the process.

Solution 3: Another potential solution is to disable the automatic updating feature temporarily so that the office XP update does not get automatically re-installed. In order to perform this step, you need to press ‘Windows+R’ on the keyboard. Then, you will have to go to the dialog box in order to open the local group policy editor. Then, after going to the right pane, you should double click on the option for configuring Windows updates policy. After disabling it, you will have to click on ‘ok’ to complete the process.

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