How to Fix Microsoft Office Error 25090?

MS Office is the most advanced application which allows users to create, design, edit documents and many other things can be done. Due to its outstanding functionality that it offers to users, the application has become extremely renowned among users across the world. But even if it has highly progressive working features, the application may suffer from critical technical faults such as error 25090. But we are fortunate enough to fix Microsoft Office Error 25090 with appropriate answer available with us.

So, why this issue occurs is due to apparently installing two applications within the same computer and then one of them removed it. Also it may happen if users are deploying Office to their environment with the help of Group Policy process and it gets installed twice.

Steps to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error 25090

Well, we are fortunate enough that this issue can easily be fixed. Users are basically advised to remove all corrupted files and it is done because of the two parallel installations done and then users have made an attempt to un-install it. It is also advised for users to put the office application versions like Office 2003 or Office 2007 CD into the drive and wait for a while to complete the setup process of the program to start. If it really doesn’t start on its own then, search for the “Setup.exe” file on the CD and then, run it on manual mode. Once users are done with the setup process, they will see the Window screen appearing in front of them. What they need to do is simply to click on the “Cancel” button and then, tap on the “OK’ button when prompted to do so.

I hope all your queries related to MS Office 25090 error will certainly be solved but still if any issue then, proceed to below section.

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